Dance Your Heart Out Baby
I love dance! obviously.. all I post is dance. Personally, I'm a hip hop and jazz dancer. You can Follow My personal account too(:
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Anonymous asked: How long have you been dancing?


My whole life <3

Anonymous asked: between all your dance classes, which one is your favorite?


hip hop(:

Sorry I havent been on in a while guys..

I’ve been super busy with lots of things. unfortunately, I tore the meniscus in my knee so I have to take a break from dance ): i have physical therapy for 4 weeks, so I pray that helps because if not, i have surgery. but I hope everyone is having a good day and hope school is going great for you guys! love you so much xx

Anonymous asked: How long do you dance??


about my whole life, except for a short amount of years, but I went back

dreaming-in-a-perfect-book-life asked: Hi! The true is that i dont dance but i love to see it! So i love your blog! plase follow mee! :)


awe thanks dear! sorry I haven’t gone on in a while, ive been super busy, but ill follow you now dear(:

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